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The back to school season can bring so much excitement for us as teachers! I know that I get so excited to meet my new kids and their families, getting my room prepped and ready, and shopping for new supplies for my classroom. I mean, that new crayon smell... Everyone loves that, right?! However, I know that school supply shopping can be tedious and expensive for families, especially those with multiple in school! So how can we as teachers make the whole process easier and more affordable for our kids and their families?
Use Walmart’s School Supply List Feature:
I was so excited to find out that Walmart makes it so easy for both teachers and families! Did you know that you can upload your school supply list to Walmart? That makes it so convenient for the families entering our classrooms!
Why Is Walmart The Best Place To Shop For Supplies?
1. Did you know that parents can shop their kid's local teachers school supply list on or through the Walmart app? All the supplies that are on my grade level list are available through this tool.
2. Walmart has everything you need. I went multiple times within the past month, even during tax-free weekend when I expected to find empty shelves, and still found everything on our school supply list... including the primary journals that seem impossible to find.
 Look how stocked Walmart’s glue bin is!
3. Walmart has the lowest prices. I did some comparisons at Walmart compared to other places I also shop and found that I would save money at Walmart.
4. THERE’S AN APP. Who doesn’t love shopping with an app?! Even better, you can choose to pick up at the store, ship to store, or ship to your house. I personally think this is where families would really enjoy that convenience factor. It’s easy!
First, when you click SERVICES at the bottom, you can click School Supply Lists.

Then, find your school.

Find your list.

Lastly, find everything on your list! I love that you can click either or At Your Store to find the items. You can easily toggle back and forth.

Why Is Walmart So Great? 

William and I shopped for groceries and then made our way to the school supply section to shop for back to school supplies! We love how easy it is to get everything in one place!
For me, I already shop there for groceries, baby items, and the necessities, so why wouldn’t I shop for my school supplies there too?! I, along with many other people, am all about convenience... Especially with a toddler. So, being able to get all of my shopping done under one roof is a win in my book! That is why I love having our school supply list uploaded through Walmart. I know my parents valued the convenience of being able to browse online in the comfort of their own home. When parents came in to Back To School Night and said they couldn’t find the primary writing journals or folders with prongs, I directed them to the school supply list on Walmart and mentioned how I found everything on our list that way. They were very grateful (those journals are hard to find every year!).
These magical journals are difficult for parents to find every year! However, I can always find them at Walmart!
How Do I Make My List Last All Year?
This can be tricky. I do feel that my grade level teammates and I all do a pretty good job of making all our supplies last throughout the year. I think the key is to ask for as many glue sticks as your admin will allow you to ask for ;) I think of the smallest ways to make things last in big ways.
1. Keep all the glue caps. When a glue stick is gone, make sure to teach your kids to take the glue cap off and put it in a special place. Mine just put it in the glue stick drawer. That way, whenever a glue cap goes missing (you know it happens more than we would like to admit), you don’t have to panic that the glue stick will be wasted. You can just grab that replacement cap.
Once glue starts getting used, glue caps will also be found in here. Students know when they can’t find a glue cap to get one from this drawer.
2. We ask for two boxes of crayons. Students have one box of crayons until our winter break in December. Then, they dump all those old crayons in a bucket. They get their new box of crayons when we return from our break. However, there’s always lost crayons or broken crayons (even though broken crayons still color) and so students can get replacement crayons from the bucket. My current crayon bucket has crayons in there from over two years ago, so that means my school supply list from two years ago is still getting its use. ;)
Extra crayon boxes go inside a Sterlite container and won’t be pulled back out until December!
All the crayons kept from last year for this school year
I do the same thing with markers!
What Do I Love On Our School Supply List?
1.  The Mead Primary Writing Journal
The pages are perfect for first grade with primary writing lines and the picture at the top.
2.  Folders with Prongs
I use the blue one for a take home folder. I like having prongs because I attach sight word lists, readings logs, etc. in the middle (things that I don’t want shuffled back and forth between the keep at home and bring back to school pockets).

3. Sharpened Pencils
It’s the small things at back to school time and remember, I’m all about convenience right now. When pencils are already sharpened, it saves me so much time the day before school starts. I can just put the pencils in the pencil cup and call it good!
4. Colorful Post-Its
We ask for colorful post-its (not yellow) for reading. We use them so much! I give each kid a post-it pack to keep in their book bins throughout the year (yes, some of them will play the accordion with them... You have to teach proper ways to use post-its for sure!). We use them for all different reading strategies. For example, if I’m teaching a mini lesson on connections, I will give them a purpose during independent reading. I might say, “During independent reading, I want you to find a text to self-connection in one of your books. Write it on a post-it and stick it to the page where you had that connection. When we are done with independent reading, bring your book and post-it to the carpet to share with us.” We also use these post-its for graphing, voting, and more!
Walmart is stocked with colorful post-its!
And I am too! :)

What’s On My Personal Wish List?
Ask any teacher and I bet they have 50 million things they would love to have in their classroom. There’s a few things that I found at Walmart that would be perfect in mine.
1. Silly Scent Markers

These aren’t just on my wishlist; I bought them ;) I bought them for my art center for Fun Fridays. I think the kids will love being able to use special, smelly markers during our Fun Friday time. I also bought a pack for each member on my first grade team because what teacher doesn’t love smelly markers?
2. Crayon Storage Boxes
This display gives me all the heart eyes. I bought a couple to test out, but I think I need one for every kid in my class. We haven’t been in school long and we’ve already had ripped crayon boxes. Having crayons all nice and tidy in these storage containers is perfect. Plus, they’re $1.00!

I have so many of these crates; it’s unreal. Specifically, that icy blue color. Every time Walmart puts them out at back to school time, I snag one... Or two. Maybe three. I love using them to store things in my classroom. They’re also great for seating.
5. Even Toddlers Have Wish Lists
 William found some colored pencils he really wanted while we were shopping too ;)
I hope you’re as excited about back to school shopping at Walmart as I am! Make sure to check out the school supply list option and the app! Two lifesavers at back to school time! I hope you have a wonderful school year!

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