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Hi everyone!

I bet you know this, but we are in the thick of cold and flu season. Thinking to the weeks of school that were between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break... I don't think I had a single day where every one of my students was at school! I bet that you are in the same boat and will be as we march through the rest of winter. 

I am really excited to share with you these awesome posters and resources from My Healthy Classroom and Lysol that you can share with your students about being healthy this season. My Healthy Classroom and Lysol know how much teachers, administrators, and anyone involved in the school setting do to promote healthy habits, so they created these resources to help. I love how they set the poster up with digestible info for kids to understand. It truly teaches them that germs are everywhere, but we can still do a lot to prevent us from becoming sick. The poster looks great in my classroom and I know it will in other classrooms as well!

What is really neat is that there are activities on the back of the poster that can be duplicated and brought into the classroom to teach kids what they need to do to stay healthy this season. You can also use the digital version to reproduce it for your classroom. 

And one of the best parts? It's free! I know teachers love that four letter word. You can be one of the first to sign up by clicking this link here and your poster and activities will be snail-mailed right to your school! Please note: One poster per classroom while supplies last. When you sign up, you get a link to the digital version as well!

You can grab more healthy resources for your classroom at

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