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Hi everyone!

I'm Alisha. It's pronouced Uh-lish-uh. The lish rhymes with fish. Since I learned my name as just a little girl, I've learned to respond to anything remotely close to my name. I get called Alicia on a regular basis, as well as Ashley, Alissa, Alice, and the list goes on. I'm used to it. I grew up very rarely finding my name on a keychain which was always disappointing...  So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw my name on the brand new Coca-Cola commercial. 

Anyway, I am a first grade teacher in Missouri. I am in my fifth year teaching. I have taught second grade as well, but I feel that my heart truly belongs in first. Nothing beats watching your first graders becoming readers over the course of the school year. I also recently earned my Masters in Education with the emphasis in Reading. I also am certified to be a Reading Specialist. Reading is my absolute favorite thing to teach! I started up my blog a couple years ago, but didn't take it very seriously. I started back up last school year and am so glad I did. I enjoy collaborating with other teachers and am so glad I took the plunge to blog, create, TPT, etc. because I've met some seriously inspiring teachers around the country that I am proud to call my bloggy friends. 

I am ENGAGED to this handsome, supportive guy of mine, Paul, and we have two adorable, sweet pups, Jasper and Sadie. I feel so lucky that I get to spend this crazy, happy life with these three everyday.

If you want to read about my love for our precious pups, you can check out this blog post

Jasper is our mellow, "old man". He is stubborn, but a complete teddy bear and total Mama's boy. Sadie is our hyperactive Papillon puppy. She's full of life and is happy 24/7. They both bring us joy each and everyday.

I love anything Kansas City. Sporting KC, the Royals, the Chiefs, the BBQ (helllllo Oklahoma Joes!). When I'm not teaching or hanging out with my little family, you can probably find me creating, blogging, reading, shopping, thrifting, or binge-watching on Netflix. Or you might find me at Hobby Lobby or Target.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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